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Alcohol in Wales is the portal through which major findings from the Alcohol Toolkit Study and other national data are made available to policy makers, clinicians, researchers, journalists and the general public.

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Support for alcohol control policies: Key

MUP = Alcohol should be sold at a minimum price of at least 50p per unit.

Health warning labels = All products labels should feature health warnings labels designed by an independent health body.

Restrict sales 10am-10pm = The sale of alcohol in shops should be restricted to between 10am and 10pm (as already implemented in Scotland).

Tax = Alcoholic drinks should be taxed in proportion to the amount of alcohol they contain. 

Public health considered in retail applications = Public health should be considered when applications are made for alcohol outlets

Limit children exposure to advertising = Limit children exposure to advertising Stronger measures should be introduced to limit children and young people’s exposure to alcohol advertising (e.g. restrictions on advertising at sporting/cultural events, in public spaces and online)

Independent regulator promotion = An independent body should be established to regulate alcohol promotion, including product and packaging design.

Zero tolerance drink driving = Change the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration for drivers to 0mg/100 ml (i.e. zero tolerance for drink-driving).

Train healthcare professionals = All health and social care professionals should be trained to routinely provide advice about alcohol to their clients.

Access support for alcohol problems = Everybody who needs support for alcohol problems should be able to access it.

Industry disclose = Require the alcohol industry to publically disclose business information relevant to its activities (such as sales data, details of lobbying and marketing)

Alcohol calorie labelling = All product labels should state the number of calories in the product

Reduce visibility in supermarkets = Alcohol products should be less visible in supermarkets and shops (i.e. restrictions on how alcohol is displayed)